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What Services can we provide?

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Home Buyers Advice: Buying a home and needing to know if you can do something to a house and how much should be budgeted for it? What if you need input RIGHT NOW? Give us a call. We do not do buyer home inspections, so book us to meet after your home inspection approval. We do not do renovations, so we provide unbiased, direct, honest advice.


Fix Up or Move? A common issue. Make an informed decision!  What is your vision? We suggest possible options to design, estimate renovation budget versus costs associated with selling. It includes a review of your house, we educate you what to expect such as timelines and emotional stress, and if renovating is for you. We don’t do renovations, so we are objective in keeping your wellbeing as our only focus.  


Self-contractor Assistance: Want to be your own contractor? We offer coaching, to help you go step by step. Use us as you need- based on an hourly rate to keep the costs down.  If requested, we can provide a scope of work, energy saving suggestions, how to save when hiring a contractor.


Homeowner Reno Planning: Wanting to update, not sure of where or even how to start? You are not alone. It can be overwhelming!  Looking for ideas, options and suggestions of how to do something, the least expensive route and still be very pleasing? We offer a package that includes a written summary at the end. This usually takes up to 2 hours.


Aging In Place: Wanting to upgrade but need to look to the future so you don’t need to renovate again soon? We can help. Based on your physical condition and where to expect to have issues moving forward we can plan a renovation to avoid barriers, making life easier to match your abilities. In the past, up to 50% of our business was for Aging in Place and disabilities renovations.


Disabilities: If you use a walker, have mobility issues, or are in a wheelchair and need advice on how to adapt your home to your abilities, we can help. Looking to buy a property and need to know what adaptations are required? We can help.


Revenue Suite/Properties: We have experience with rental properties. We can help with design such as floor plans, safety compliance, suggestions on fixtures.