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They were minutes away from losing their lives.

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Simmering the soup could have been her last act in this life. She committed a mistake, that would cost the lives of her and her partner, the two children and their pets. They had 5 minutes to live. Luckily moments before passing out, the fire department screamed up and ran into the home pulling them out.

Their Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm worked and was hooked up to a monitoring system notifying emergency responders.

Well ok, I am being a bit dramatic, their CO alarm went off reading 94 when it should be 0. Which calls for action but will take longer than 5 minutes to pass out. They acted quickly so the rescue folks had little to do, thankfully. But the outcome could have been what my tabloid intro described.


If you have even one of these: a gas fireplace, stove, hot water, furnace, oil furnace, wood fireplace, or a car warming up in the garage-these all give off CO.


And it is odourless, colourless, tasteless and absolutely deadly. A detector, funnily enough, is also odourless, colourless, tasteless but unoffensive, but does save lives. And they are reasonably cheap. Under $ 40.


Two important things to do:

1)     Install CO detectors both in your home and your RV if it has propane.

And it is so easy. Some come with a plug so just stuff it into a wall plug and you are covered! Just like those air fresheners you see on TV. Make sure the CO detector comes with a battery back for power outages. And just like the chemically altered air, you too can sashay around your home as if you have fresh made homemade bread on the cooling rack.     


2)     Always have your exhaust fan on with the gas range top or oven on. If the power is out, open a window.


Remember: your chimney could be leaking, exhaust from a car or generator could be getting indoors, fireplace venting not working, gas-fueled space heaters can be poisoning the air.


You may not need remote monitoring-with properly maintained detectors you should be covered. Read the instructions for the best plug to use.


I love happy endings, don’t you? The heck with the grandkids, that fire car is to die for. I want it for me!