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The most expensive labour cost of a renovation-Guess what it is.

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“Everyone needs a coach”- Erich Schmidt CEO google and executive chair of  Alphabet.

Why would a brilliant business person need a coach? And what is a coach/advisor for?

To minimize the Emotional Labour of Risk. That is the highest cost folks pay on their renovation- either during or after or tragically- both.

A coach/advisor will drill down with to find out what you need to know, to clarify your vision and your needs. To formally and concisely articulate your determinations and base your decisions on those determinations.

And the emotional anguish of mistakes. 

What is the risk? The hiring of a contractor who knows little of your needs, being taken advantage of, being given bad advice, paying for stuff you shouldn't pay for. These are some of the worries we carry in the back of our mind.


For example: If you are considering a bathroom reno, what does the reno need to accomplish 20 years from now?

Sue and Jim have a contractor who has “done a lot of work with seniors”

That means nothing. Asked about your specific health/mobility issues to give the correct solutions? Or did you just tell the contractor "we need to get rid of the bathtub and put in a shower?" 

Here comes the emotional anguish of mistakes. You just spent $15 -20,000 and will have to redo it in 5 years because now you need a barrier-free roll-in shower and you got a 6" curb.

If the contractor asks “what do you want” feel the red risk flag shoot up

Sue “we are green at this”. Everyone is unless you have done 24 bathrooms each and every year for the past 10 years. Why not reduce your risk- your emotional labour and hire a coach which will cost 1% of your reno budget?

What is there to lose? Good chance it will save you 10X to 30X what you pay.

Everyone needs a coach.