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The crappiest part of the flush-room reno.

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How hard can it be to choose a toilet? It's not that easy, first because of the choices. American Standard alone has over 130 to choose from.  Here are my thoughts and if you think they are crappy, just flush them away.

First, consider the space. And before I forget, look for where the toilet paper holder will be located in your reno.      Critical.

Now: You may wish to go for an elongated bowl, but the round ones take up less space. You need about 30 inches in front of a toilet for clearance. Better check your door clears on the swing if the head is close by. Remember also, most elongated bowls are higher off the floor. The rule is feet need to touch the floor or have a footstool. They are roughly 1 ½” taller. 

Paper holder nightmare

Should I go one piece, dual flow, etc? Many folks are opting for single flush which hovers close to 4.8 litres (1.28US gal) as the most efficient. Studies show dual-flow loos actually end up using more water. One piece?  I prefer 2 pieces especially if I’m installing it. Toilets are heavy! Did I mention to plan where your potty paper holder goes? The throne room above solves that one big time!

Couple of things to watch. Flanges-the things toilets are fastened to at the floor.  Most toilets are designed to be installed onto toilet flanges that are 12” to the centre of the flange, away from a finished wall, but some come with a 10” setup. Double check your flange location and the specs for your John.

Allow for a total width of 30” of wall space to install a privy, which is 15” each side from the centre of the toilet.

Washlet seats. The wash your butt after the job is done. These require an electrical plug behind the toilet. The folks that have them, love them.

Where to buy? Plumbing wholesale shops. Warranty is sketchy at building supply centres. I certainly won’t suggest getting any plumbing fixtures from them. They have been known to sell name brand at far less quality than the wholesalers will carry. Beware of non-main stream brand names. Although many folks are happy with Costco bought units. 

Are more expensive thrones better? Better not bet your sweet bippy! They are just more expensive.

In case you want to save on the plumbing expense: 

Luggable Loo

If you own an older home which still has Crane brand toilets- the ones with the huge tank that every time you flush, a river somewhere goes dry. Get rid of them right away-they are notorious for the tank cracking for no reason-it just wants to- causing huge damage.  Now go forth and check where your paper holder is going and get your new flusher!