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Most wanted bathroom feature

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What is on your wishlist for that bathroom reno?

Steam shower?

Towel warmer?

Jetted Bathtub?

Personally, I would have ticked off the boxes with "sink" and "toilet" next to them (preferably without the notched door)

Here are the surprising answers from a survey I just saw- that are a combination of ‘must-have’ and ‘really want’ votes:


In number 3 position- Double vanity (makes sense)

In number 2 position- Separate shower stall and bathtub (good plan)

And the drum roll for the number 1 desired feature in both: must have and really want

And this is a bit of a surprise

In the number 1 position:

Linen closet in the master bathroom. Surprised? I am partly- I know linen closets are always in short supply, but why in the bathroom?

Oh, the jetted tub-yep, it's at the bottom of the list along with multiple showerheads and ‘body spray panel’ in the shower.