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Your Home Should Change
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What A Rip-Off-Don't be a Victim!

My blood pressure skyrockets when I see folks getting ‘taken to the cleaners’ with home maintenance/repair work. You can learn from these victims. 

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Myths about Duct Tape- Can you handle the truth?

I have confession-for years I believed in duct tape. I am reminded of that classic Jack Nicolson line from the movie: “A Few Good Men”- “You can’t handle the truth”. I can’t. I’m devasted that my good friend Mr. Duct tape is an imposter!  

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Never lose a screwdriver from the set again!

Spending precious time looking for elusive screwdriver needed for the job?

How about an all-in-one screwdriver. Romantic? Nope. But that special someone will be grateful for your gift each time they reach for it in their kitchen junk drawer. This screwdriver eliminates the need for many single shaped screwdrivers.  

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